30+ Random Memes That Are Just Too Funny For Words

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If you’re havin’ a less-than-stellar day, take a peek at these memes to lift your mood! Submitted by: Tagged: funny random memes , random memes , funny tweets , funny twitter , benedict cumberbatch , white people , Pokémemes , tumblr gems , funny tumblr posts , mental health memes , depression memes , mental health , funny comics , celebrity memes , web comics Share on Facebook

He Do A Help

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28 History Memes For The Cultured Nerds

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The Best Powerline Network Adapters

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If you want high-speed network access throughout your home and Wi-Fi isn’t cutting it, you’ve probably considered running Ethernet… Click Here to Continue Reading

19 Music Memes For The Discerning Listeners

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As music memes go, Millions of Dead Posers has made a name for itself by meme-ing both the obscure and mainstream, and mocking both hilariously. Here are some of their most recent gems that any music nerd will appreciate.  Submitted by: Tagged: music memes , rock , chainsmokers , rock memes , funny memes , millions of dead posers , Memes , Kid Rock , sheryl crow Share on Facebook

Sean Hannity’s secret life and Scientology scandals in this week’s dubious tabloids

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“TRUTH about his 25-year marriage!” screams the magazine notorious for tearing apart the private lives of public figures with innuendo, speculation and fabrication. Is the ‘Globe’ poised to reveal the sordid truth behind the Fox News pundit’s secret dealings as Trump lawyer Michael Cohen’s “third client”? Are they lifting the lid on last year’s allegation that he sexually harassed a Fox News guest, never having her on his show again after she refused to go back to his hotel room? […]

Apple’s fastest new MacBook Pro is slowed down by heat

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I’m writing this on a 2015 MacBook Pro. It’s an i5 with 8GB of RAM. It’s adequate for most of what I do, but, as I’ve mentioned in the past, it’s been kind of a lemon since I picked it up. It’s out of Apple Care now, and that’s a concern. I am not made of money. Sooner or later, I’ll wind up buying a new laptop. For the past year, I’ve been considering moving entirely over to Windows as […]