Google’s Home Hub is an incredible digital photo frame that’s also a smart speaker

Google Home Hub
The Good

Smartly pulls pictures from Google Photos • Slick • compact design • Decent sound • Works as well as any Google Home

The Bad

No camera for video calling

The Bottom Line

Google’s Home Hub is a kickass digital photo frame that also happens to be a good smart speaker as well.

Mashable Score4.25
Cool Factor4.0
Learning Curve5.0
Bang for the Buck4.0

As a “smart display” speaker, the Google Home Hub is essentially a Google Home Mini mashed together with a 7-inch touchscreen.

It does all of the smart speaker stuff you expect from a Google Assistant-powered connected home device with voice (play music, control your smart home devices, tell you the news and weather, etc.) with the added bonus of having a screen to display information like maps and lyrics just like Lenovo’s Smart Display. Read more…

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