Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner’s ‘Family Life Gets Better Every Day’ Since Finalizing Divorce!

Coparenting at its finest!

As we reported in October, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner finalized their divorce three years after announcing their separation.

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According to an ET report published on Friday, the two exes are 100% focused on their kids: son Sam, 6, and daughters Violet, 12 and Seraphina, 9.

The insider revealed:

“Ben and Jen have been dedicated to making sure their divorce doesn’t affect their kids… They want to keep the communication healthy so that they can make decisions together in the best interest of their children. It’s been wonderful for Jen that Ben has been so present and involved. She wants to do this right and everyone is so incredibly proud of her for rising above the past and putting the kids first.”

In early October, the Batman actor confirmed on Instagram that he completed a 40-day rehab stint for alcohol addiction.

Divorce aside, Ben knows he can rely on his ex for support.

“Ben has been very open with Jen about his long-term plans to stay sober and all of his counselors and sponsors are encouraging him to keep her involved… It really helps him to spend time with his family because his kids are a major motivation for him to stay sober. They are taking it one day at a time and that’s been working. Their family life gets better every day.”

Since finalizing her split, the actress has moved on to chairman and CEO of Cali Group, John Miller.

“Jen couldn’t be in a better place. She somehow manages to do it all, family, career and now a blossoming relationship… She has withstood a painful divorce and still stands by the father of her children. Finally, Ben is dedicated to getting the help he needs and she couldn’t be happier.”

The source adds:

“It’s the first real relationship she’s had since her marriage and she’s worked hard to keep it private… Things are still casual and they haven’t officially announced that they are a couple, but the romance has definitely been ongoing for several months. Ben is actually very supportive of Jen’s relationship.”

Apparently, Jen’s friends approve of her new relationship as well!

“Her friends have wanted this for her for a very long time, but she wasn’t ready… Jen is happy and her main focus is the kids and making sure Ben stays on the straight and arrow and bonds with the kids.”

All’s well that ends well!

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