REPORT: Feds Have Evidence Donald Trump Directed Hush Money Payments!

Look, we all knew this was coming.

When Michael Cohen plead guilty to campaign finance violations, he implicated Donald Trump as having directed hush money payments to his mistresses.

Since then, the President has been an unindicted co-conspirator in those crimes.

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Now the Wall Street Journal is reporting the U.S. Attorneys Office in Manhattan has plenty of evidence Trump not only knew of the payments to Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal, he DIRECTED THEM!

In an extensive investigation, which included interviewing dozens of witnesses and reviewing documents, the Journal is reporting Trump was involved in “nearly every step” of the hush money payments.

The WSJ says Trump:

  • met with David Pecker in Trump Tower in 2015, where the American Media chief agreed to “buy the silence of women if they tried to publicize sexual encounters” with the candidate.
  • “directed deals in phone calls and meetings” with Cohen, including according to testimony, telling him to “get it done.”

These payments constitute campaign finance violations because the payments are intended to help Trump win the election by hiding negative publicity — making them ipso facto campaign contributions, ones which were far beyond the maximum amount ($2700) AND not officially disclosed as the law requires.

You’re going to hear a lot of people over the next few days and weeks arguing what Trump did was not illegal. Not because it makes sense, but because it’s his only chance. The evidence is all there.

This argument is total B.S.

Remember, Cohen has already plead guilty to EIGHT FELONIES. It’s not a crime for one guy and NOT a crime for the other.

Stormy’s lawyer Michael Avenatti has already responded, and quite strongly:

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