Perez Hilton: Sad Clown!

With every month and year that flies by so fast we get more and more sentimental for the past!

This Throwback Thursday video is from May of 2008.

Perez was deep in his clown phase. Constantly changing his hair. Looking for happiness externally.

We had barely begun the hard work of finding happiness within. But we respect this Perez so much!

He WAS happy! He was wild! He was free! He was dumb! He was pink!

The bathroom was pink! That made us so happy! Once again, externally.

Momma Perez was living with us by this time. She makes a cameo in this video! She makes us so happy, internally!

We’re still a work-in-progress. And we  have so much empathy and appreciation for this version of us!

Watch! Enjoy! And SHARE!

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