Demi Lovato Has ‘Truly Turned Her Life Around’ Thanks To Rehab!

It turns out the months of rehab since her overdose have been truly life-changing for Demi Lovato — and we couldn’t be happier to report this news!

The Sober singer, who is now more than 90 days clean after completing intense therapy and treatment, is reportedly thriving in her new life after she’s successfully been able to change and rethink her daily habits.

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A source, speaking to ET this week, detailed the remarkable transformation in the superstar, saying:

“Demi is happy and healthy has done a complete 180 since she overdosed. Her 90 days in rehab have truly turned her life around. She wants to remain out of rehab. She has a sober coach and a complete support system. Demi has struggled for so long with addiction and her friends and family couldn’t be more proud of her work. This process has been incredibly beneficial to Demi in so many ways. She is not only clean and sober but she has an entirely new lifestyle.”

Wow! That’s pretty much exactly how people hope rehab will go for those seeking the help — so great!

The insider continued, noting that Demi’s even had to look hard at her friend group to maintain sobriety and her new lifestyle:

“[She] has dedicated herself to her sober life and has surrounded herself with people in her program. She is avoiding those in her social circle that supported her precarious lifestyle. Demi deserves a partner who will help her continue to live a clean life and her family and friends feel she is choosing more appropriate friends.”

Amen! So thankful for that!

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But it’s not just generally re-thinking her lifestyle that’ll keep Lovato clean; the singer knows there are specific things she can continue to do — some for the rest of her life — to keep herself honest about her past addictions and sober in her present and future.

A separate source, speaking to E! Online, detailed some of what Demi can expect coming up now that she’s out of rehab:

“She got out of rehab last week, but her treatment is ongoing. She will be having therapy sessions and attend meetings. It’s going to be a lifelong commitment and her treatment will not end because she is out of rehab … She really wants to relax and exercise and do everything she can to stay healthy. She wants to put what happened behind her and move forward committed to her health and making the right choices.”

Sounds like so far, she’s well on the way to doing just that!!

So happy for her, y’all!!!

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