Teenager writes about the time she got her head stuck in a pumpkin

In 2016, when Rachel Ralphs was 16 she got her head stuck in a pumpkin during a family pumpkin carving session. A few days ago she wrote about the experience for The Guardian.

The pumpkin was heavy. “I’m going to set it down, now,” I said, and with Jason helping to support its weight, I bent back over the table to give it somewhere to rest. It was only when I tried to remove my head that I realised getting out was going to be less straightforward than getting in. The knot of my ponytail caught against the rim when I tried to pull out, as did the underside of my jaw. When I pulled my chin into my neck, my nose got in the way instead. I felt a jab of panic as I braced against the table and moved my head around trying to find the right angle, but it was no use. “I can’t get it out!” I roared, my voice sounding unnaturally loud in the enclosed space.

Image: YouTube