Here’s What’s New in iOS 12.1, Available Today

While iOS 12 is still fairly fresh, the first point release will be rolling out starting today. This brings a handful of new features, like Group Facetime, dual SIM support, camera improvements, new emoji, and more.

Group FaceTime

Originally announced back in June at WWDC, Group Facetime will allow up to 32 people to FaceTime together at one time. That’s so many people.

But here’s the best part: all 32 of you crazy kids will be able to use Animoji and Memoji when you FaceTime, making the insane experience of FaceTimeing with 32 people even insane…r. Expect dogs, cats, aliens, dinosaurs, and everything else to join in on your chats.

Camera Improvements

When Apple announced the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR, the camera features were really talked up—especially the real-time depth of field control. While that feature wasn’t available at launch, iOS 12 .1 brings it to all compatible phones (XS, Max, XR). This will make your portrait photos even better.

Speaking of making portrait photos better, 12.1 also fixes the “beautygate” bug, which causes photographs to be overly smoothed like so many “beauty cams” do. Time to let your real self shine through.

Dual SIM Support

The XS, XS Max, and XR are the first iPhone to support dual SIM cards—here’s what that means—but again, this feature wasn’t active at launch. It is with 12.1, so you’ll be able to run two carriers at the same time on a single phone.

New Emoji

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