Selena Gomez Feels ‘Responsible’ For Many People In Her Life Amid Breakdown

Selena Gomez has been under pressure her whole life — not just in regards to her career, but for those who she feels depend on her.

A day after news broke that the superstar checked into a psychiatric facility to seek mental health treatment following an “emotional breakdown,” an Us Weekly source says she feels a lot of responsibility for the people around her.

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The insider explained:

“She’s genuinely so nice, thoughtful and sweet but she feels responsible for a lot of other people, and has since a young age. There’s a lot pressure. She’s sensitive; she also doesn’t want to do a big press run and get asked about things that she doesn’t want to talk about.”

As we reported, the 26-year-old was hospitalized in Los Angeles last month after growing “despondent and emotional” over an alarmingly low white blood cell count following her 2017 kidney transplant. She was then re-admitted last week for the same issue.

The insider told the outlet that those who have worked with Selly weren’t surprised to hear the news. But a second source who has worked with the Disney alum recently said otherwise, noting:

“She seemed shy and a little nervous, but nothing seemed wrong. Selena seemed excited about what she was doing… [she] showed no signs that she was battling depression or anything.”

Like most people with mental health struggles, we’re sure Selena has her good days and bad days. The important thing is to know when it’s time to seek help.

Sending her all the love.

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