Selena Gomez Fans Troll Hailey Baldwin Over Singer’s Hospitalization

Selena Gomez fans everywhere are understandably troubled by the singer’s recent emotional breakdown.

But some Selenators are voicing their concerns and theories on why the 26-year-old’s mental health reached a breaking point by ruthlessly trolling Justin Bieber‘s fiancee Hailey Baldwin, blaming her for it all.

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Just take a look at some of the bold comments left on Baldwin’s latest Instagram post.

One user asserted that right now, Justin’s mind is solely focused on his former flame:

“Justin is with you but thinking about Selena, he’s sad about her hospitalization.”

Another user brutally blames the model for Gomez’s woes:

“Selena in the hospital for emotional stress your fault to if you support Justin liar user your sick person I hope someone you love kill them selves one day you take depression seriously”

This user says Hailey’s time with Bieber is almost up now that Selena is in trouble:

“Hey, Selena in hospitalized. Be ready Justin will drop you anytime soon for his real love Selena Gomez. Your time will coming 😘😂 @haileybaldwin @haileybaldwin@haileybaldwin”

And then, there were these:

“You have Not respect for selena!! You are a Show fake girl!!”


“Because of you selena is hospitalized just shame on yourself u poor lady u just want money from justin”

“SELENA GOMEZ QUEEN👑 @haileybaldwin”

“stop hate on Selena!!!!! you’re happy now!!!?”

The internet can be such a cruel place sometimes…

Do better, y’all!!

[Image via Jeff Grossman/Apega/WENN.]

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