Justin Bieber Is Reportedly Applying To Become An American Citizen


Justin Bieber must really like what he sees in America — both for his career (duh) and his secret new marriage to Hailey Baldwin — because he’s about to legally bind himself to the United States just as he did Baldwin herself!

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According to TMZ, the Biebs is applying to become an American citizen, and while the application process takes some time and can cost a little bit of money, neither should be a problem for the Canadian-born superstar.

Now to be sure, reports suggest he’ll retain Canadian citizenship, as well, and become a dual-citizen between the two neighboring countries.

It’s not much of a surprise, really — Justin has been in the United States since pretty much the beginning of his teen years, and almost all of his life is now down here… friends, family, business, and, of course, Hailey.

All that said, though, he’s still got a massive mansion up in Ontario, and we know he has a deep love for everything Canada — including hockey! — so don’t expect him to fully commit to the USA.

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But that’s all OK… welcome to America, anyways, Justin!

What do y’all think Donald Trump would say about this immigration issue?!?! LOLz…

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