The best UK deals for Wednesday: Playstation bundles, Etpark gaming headsets, Logitech speakers, and more


If you needed an excuse to get together with friends and play a bunch of video games, then today is your day!

Sept. 12 is Video Games Day, in case it wasn’t circled in your calendar. That gives you the right to position yourself firmly in front on the screen, snacks to hand, and indulge in a marathon session of your favourite games.

From humble beginnings, gaming is now present in all parts of modern culture, influencing everything from our clothing to what we eat. Video Games Day is dedicated to celebrating this influence in the most appropriate way — by gaming.

In honour of this special day, we’e put together some top deals on consoles, games, and gaming accessories. You can save on an Etpark gaming headset, as well as on a number of great PlayStation 4 Pro console bundles. Read more…

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