Samsung Galaxy S8 deals just plummeted to their best ever price: only £18 per month

We’re not going to beat around the bush here – if you’re looking for a fantastic Android mobile phone deal, then we think you can probably call off the search. Prices on the superb Samsung Galaxy S8 have just fallen through the floor. Pick up this ace smartphone with S8 deals starting from a measly £18 per month.

You’ve got Carphone Warehouse-owned retailer to thank. Not content with already having the cheapest prices out there, it’s now reduced the S8 deals down to silly money…in a good way. The very cheapest we’ve seen costs £18 per month after just £20 upfront (when you use our exclusive 10OFF voucher code) – that’s a total spend over two years of a mere £452, which is roughly what you’d spend at the moment if you were buying the SIM-free Galaxy S8 outright without a contract.

And if 1GB of data isn’t going to be enough for your streaming and surfing needs, the £23 per month, free upfront 4GB Vodafone S8 deal is probably even better value still.

Anyway, enough with the chat. Bring on the S8 deals…

The hottest Samsung Galaxy S8 deals in the UK today:

If you’re thinking of holding out for a better offer on Amazon Prime Day, we should warn you that it’s not really a sales event that focuses mobile phone deals, so we’d take advantage of these Galaxy S8 deals while you can.