Preparing transformers for the Internet of Energy – with Sensformer

Learn about the necessary sensors, the data transmission and data analysis app that can render the “black box” transformer transparent for you.

The newly introduced Sensformer merges physics and information – turning transformers into info-hubs. A smart and robust IoT gateway securely transmits the minimum amount of required information to a cloud-based storage and visualization platform. In addition, the Sensformer provides an open platform that enables co-creation of customer-centric use cases and applications. Operators get a comprehensive and quick overview about their assets and can improve their operation by utilizing the offered visualization and analytics possibilities.

Today’s world is connected, and it is about time to also connect transformers digitally. This is what a completely new transformer product class is all about: the SensformerTM. No matter if you operate a transformer in a power generation plant, an industrial application or in the grid: Your assets will let you know their operational status and give an indication when abnormalities occur. The consequence: more transparency and flexibility at minimized risks and cost.

Transformers already are a vital and decisive part of power grids – no matter if conventional or digital. The SensformerTM will enable you to digitalize this important keystone of your grid. Now your transformers are connective!

In the Webinar you learn about the necessary sensors, the data transmission and data analysis app that can render the “black box” transformer transparent for you. Use your newly gained knowledge to simplify your asset management, enhance your operations and increase availability.

Are you interested in further information about the digitalization of energy systems? Download the Bloomberg whitepaper Digitalization of Energy Systems at:



Peter Vogel – Head of Innovations, Siemens Transformers

Peter Vogel is head of innovation sales at Siemens Transformers. Before, he was responsible for the sales of power and distribution transformers in the Asia-Pacific Region. He graduated his study in 2006 as a mechanical engineer. Afterwards he started to work at Siemens Power Service before joining the transformer business of Siemens in 2015.


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